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There's always another concert coming up

On March 26th we were finally able to play our long awaited concert with soloist Yolotzin Cruz Cedillo. It was a pleasure for us and judging by the feedback we got, the audience enjoyed it as well. Now we are immediately starting with preparations for the next concert. On June 25th we'll play Paganinis infamous 1. violin concerto with soloist Elias Kim followed by a selection of works from Ziehrer and Fucik. Players still wellcome for this project.

Orchesterverein Concentus21 Wien

Welcome to the world of Concentus21! On this website you'll find an overview on our concerts. You're interested to join us as musician? Take a look at the information on the page and use the contact form to get in touch with our artistic director and conductor Herbert Krenn. (Become a member...)

The orchestra Concentus21 established in 2004 is a traditional community orchestra. Members share their love of music and motivation to play in concert regularly. The repertoire comprises music from the classic and romantic eras, as well as some Viennese music. We emphasize on bringing the lesser known works to the stage they deserve. Working with renowned soloists or playing in opera productions provide great experiences for ambitious amateurs. Our artistic director and conductor Herbert Krenn is rooted in the Viennese tradition of music making which he very successfully passes on to the members of the orchestra.

Orchester Concentus21 Wien beim Festkonzert zum 15jährigen Bestehen im Mai 2019

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Concert announcement

On June 25th we are planning a summer concert at Veranstaltungszentrum Rudolfsheim. Soloist will be Elias Kim playing the virtuouso 1st violin concerto by Paganini, which will be followed by a selection of works of Ziehrer and Fucik.

Konzertplakat Juni 2022

December 2nd and 4th there will be concerts in the Crypt of Canisius Church. The program will be consisting of works by Mozart, Weber and Witt. Soloist will be our 1st clarinet Hans Kronthaler.

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